How Architects & Contractors Can Use Artificial Grass for Apartment Complexes 

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At Synthetic Turf Resources, we provide architects, contractors, and other turf designers and installers with beautifying artificial grass for apartments. Our high-quality synthetic turf products can help transform the grounds in and around apartment complexes, making them more gorgeously lush and green than ever before. Our artificial grass is also easy for architects and general contractors to work with, allowing them to craft and install unique designs for apartment complexes across the United States.

Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Apartments

Apartment complexes across the country thrive on balance. They must attain the right amount of renters and keep their expenses low. Fortunately, wholesale artificial grass from Synthetic Turf Resources can help satisfy apartment owners and renters while keeping costs lower. Our synthetic turf does this in multiple ways.

First, our artificial grass is highly realistic. As such, it emanates a look and feel that is just like traditional grass surfaces. This makes it an incredibly attractive addition to apartment complexes, which often impresses renters and potential renters. Our synthetic grass is also highly durable, which helps resist wear and tear. This ensures that our artificial surfaces retain their ideal appearance for years, pleasing tenants and owners alike.

Lastly, our synthetic turf lawns, landscapes, and more are also low-maintenance. They do not need to be watered, trimmed with mowers and other devices, or treated with chemicals of any kind. This can help dramatically reduce groundskeeping costs for apartment complexes, which can help apartment owners achieve a better overall balance between money coming in and going out.

Long-Lasting Synthetic Lawns & Landscapes

Perhaps the most common installations architects and contractors can add to apartments with our wholesale artificial grass are lawns and landscapes. These usually simple designs can add small sections or large expanses of beautiful green grass for renters of apartment complexes to enjoy practically all year round. And since our synthetic turf resists fading and weathering, it can be enjoyed by renters for picnics, lawn games, and more for years to come!


Pet-Friendly Surfaces 

For pet-friendly apartment complexes, we supply our specially designed wholesale artificial dog and pet grass. This turf is optimized entirely for use by household pets. As a result, it is highly durable and quick-draining, which makes cleaning up pet waste a breeze! Apartment owners, renters, and their pets will all appreciate these features!

Residential artificial grass backyard

Inviting Rooftops, Decks, & Patios

Apartment complexes across the U.S. often have spaces that go unused or underused. In many cases, this is because these spaces lack proper flooring or are simply inviting. Thankfully, our wholesale rooftop, deck, and patio grass can help reclaim these areas, making them more comfortable and more inviting for renters to enjoy!

soccer field made with cheap artificial turf

Playgrounds for Children & Families 

For apartment complexes that appeal to families, it can be beneficial for architects and contractors to add a playground. However, whatever type of playground is installed must take safety into consideration. Fortunately, at Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer extra-padded artificial playground turf that can help keep playground and play area surfaces safer, which is typically a big bonus for renters with children.

Putting Greens for Golfers & Golf Enthusiasts 

A unique addition contractors and architects can add to an apartment is an artificial grass putting green. Our synthetic golf greens provide an attractive and highly playable surface for putting, so by installing them in an apartment complex, it can provide tenants with a valuable and incredibly fun activity.

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At Synthetic Turf Resources, our artificial grass products for apartments are ideal for use by architects, contractors, and general contractors. Our synthetic turf offers numerous advantages that can benefit apartment owners and renters alike. You can learn more by contacting us today for details and even product quotes!