Wholesale Artificial Grass for Apartments

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Apartment buildings and complexes across the United States of America can benefit from the factory-direct artificial grass and turf products from Synthetic Turf Resources. Our high-quality synthetic surfacing solutions can help apartment owners save money while providing renters with inviting green spaces. We even offer a number of specially designed artificial turf products that can help address the needs of specific renters and their families, including wholesale synthetic grass for pets, children, golf, and more!

Apartment Lawns & Landscaping

In communities across the U.S., the presence of quality apartment buildings and complexes is essential. Thousands of individuals and families in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, and New York City live in and rely on the availability of apartments. However, this often makes owning an apartment building or complex competitive for owners looking to attract renters. One of the best ways apartment owners can attract renters while reducing their expenses is to invest in artificial grass lawns and landscaping for their property. 

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Apartments

Our artificial turf and synthetic grass are amazing surfacing solutions for apartment buildings and complexes across the nation because they provide benefits for both apartment owners and their renters. As a result, investing in artificial lawns and landscaping can be a win-win! Some of the many benefits of wholesale synthetic turf from Synthetic Turf Resources include:

Inviting Spaces

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we pride ourselves on the overall quality and realistic appearance of our many artificial grass products. From our commercial landscaping turf to our synthetic pet grass, each of our artificial grass products looks and feels like traditional grass. As a result, our artificial turf makes for an inviting addition to nearly any property, including apartment buildings and complexes. And with inviting green spaces on their property, apartment owners are more likely to attract and retain renters!

Durable Surfacing

Thankfully, our wholesale artificial grass and turf products are more than just for admiring from afar! They are also ideal for running, jumping, relaxing, or playing lawn games on. For many apartment owners, this can be a source of worry, but with our quality synthetic grass, it does not need to be! Our artificial turf products are exceptionally durable and resistant to many kinds of wear and tear, including foot traffic and the weather. From this, they are able to withstand everyday use for years!

Cost-Effective Lawns & Landscaping

One of the most significant issues for apartment building and complex owners is maintenance, especially lawn maintenance. For many, this expense can be extremely costly. However, it does not need to be! By investing in wholesale artificial surfacing for lawns and landscaping for their rental property, apartment owners can eliminate the expenses of traditional grass maintenance, including watering, mowing, fertilizing, and so on. As a result, wholesale artificial grass from us at Synthetic Turf Resources is a cost-effective investment for apartments!

Specialized Turf Options for Apartments

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer numerous types of specialized artificial turf and grass, helping to fulfill the needs of different kinds of apartment owners and renters in the U.S. Our many wholesale turf options include:

Our multiple artificial turf options can suit the needs of smaller spaces, golfers, children, pets, and more!

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At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer high-quality, wholesale artificial grass for apartments in the United States. Our many synthetic turf products help create inviting green spaces that are built to last and help apartment owners save time and money on landscaping maintenance. Our artificial turf is also available in specialized forms to help address the needs of different types of renters. Some examples include our playground turf for families with children or our pet grass for renters with pets. 

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