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Synthetic Turf Made In USA

Synthetic Turf Resources is North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale commercial grass and wholesale turf. STR has earned the title of Top US Turf Supplier as a result of their 40+ years of R&D, innovating first-of-its-kind synthetic grass technologies, and vertical integration of manufacturing. In fact, STR is the only vertically integrated wholesale artificial grass manufacturer in all of North America. This provides them with complete control and oversight of their entire manufacturing process. This control allows them to continuously implement the newest technologies and methods to ensure that their products remain on the cutting edge of artificial grass technology.

Quality Artificial Turf

Synthetic Turf Resources

Some of the exclusive advantages of Synthetic Turf Resources’ commercial turf include:

  • Yarn elasticity to promote grass “spring back” rather than grass blade laying down after being walked on
  • Locked-in place grass fibers to ensure durability through heavy foot traffic and prevent turf shedding
  • UV protection and weather resistance
  • The softest, non-abrasive polyethylene grass fibers
  • Enhanced drainage to keep surfaces dry and comfortable
  • Anti-static protection and anti-microbial effectiveness
  • Free of harmful metals and chemicals
  • FIFA and ISO 9001 certifications
  • Meticulous safety and quality control testing
  • Enhanced performance testing

    #1 Synthetic Grass

    State-Of-The-Art Artificial Grass

    Artificial turf has become an essential element to any commercial landscape for numerous reasons. It provides businesses and communities with a low maintenance, time and money saving landscape that looks great year-round.

    Many commercial applications that would benefit from STR’s synthetic grass include:

    • Commercial Lawns
    • Hotel landscapes
    • Restaurant landscapes
    • School athletic fields
    • University sports fields
    • Public parks and playgrounds
    • Community centers
    • Professional athletic fields
    • Retail and other business centers
    • Commercial tradeshows and events 

    Synthetic Turf For Home and Business

    Wholesale Artficial Grass

    Whether you are a commercial landscape contractor, commercial grass supplier, wholesaler, or artificial turf wholesaler, Synthetic Turf Resources will partner with you to help you stand out in your market by offering elite products that are unrivaled in the industry. Your business can white label our premier collection of commercial turf products with your own brand name. In addition, you will be provided with an always in stock inventory of synthetic grass made in the USA. To schedule a meeting to see how our in-house account managers can help your business, contact us today at (706) 277-1012.

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    Ready to Standout in the Synthetic Grass Industry?

    When you choose STR you’re choosing proven quality results and over 40 years of manufacturing innovation. With a commitment to the latest technology, techniques, and manufacturing control we proudly stand by every STR product we make. Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our in-house account managers and find out how we can help you standout with your synthetic turf business.

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