Wholesale Artificial Grass in Houston, TX

The team from Synthetic Turf Resources supplies numerous wholesale artificial grass products to homes, businesses, and other properties in Houston, TX. 

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As one of the largest cities in the United States, there are almost an endless amount of properties that can benefit from making the switch to our beautifying, cost-effective synthetic turf. Fortunately, as a leading artificial grass manufacturer, we have several types of specially designed artificial turf to help address different needs in Houston, TX. Find out more below!

Our Selection of Wholesale Artificial Turf Products

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer several different styles and types of wholesale artificial grass. Some of our many products available to those in Houston, TX include the following:

Whether for a residential, commercial, or even municipal property, our team can supply the wholesale synthetic turf needed to address various surfacing applications – even specialized purposes like pet grass for dog parks.

Benefits of Our Wholesale Synthetic Turf for Houston, TX Properties

Wholesale artificial turf from us at Synthetic Turf Resources can offer homeowners, business owners, and guests on their properties considerable benefits. Some of these many benefits include:

Consistent, Lush Appearance

Homes, businesses, and more in Houston, Texas can all benefit from the consistent curb appeal that only artificial grass can provide. Our lifelike wholesale synthetic turf captures the look and feel of traditional sod surfaces and retains it throughout its long life. Ultimately, this makes our artificial turf lawns, landscapes, and putting greens a consistently lush, green surface that can be enjoyed practically any time!

Exceptional Durability

Unlike conventional grass surfaces, our wholesale synthetic turf is incredibly long-lasting. This aspect of our turf is primarily due to its exceptional durability. As a result, it can withstand several forms of wear and tear, including lawn games and activities, foot traffic, and even many harsh weather conditions like persistent sunshine, rain, and even snow.

Little Upkeep

Home and business owners across the United States appreciate our wholesale artificial grass for its few maintenance requirements. Unlike traditional grass, our synthetic turf does not need to be irrigated, trimmed with a mower, or treated with any type of chemicals. This makes it both a time and money saver!

Conserving Water

In Houston, TX, conserving water is a crucial issue. Sadly, conventional grass can be one of the most significant water hogs in any community but especially desert communities. Thankfully, our wholesale synthetic grass never needs to be watered, so it can help save hundreds to thousands of gallons of water, which can also translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So help conserve water and save money by switching to our wholesale artificial turf!

Synthetic Turf Resources: A Leading Artificial Grass Manufacturer Serving Houston, TX

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we are a leading artificial grass manufacturer, supplying communities around the U.S. with high-quality, American-made synthetic grass, including in Houston, TX. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer. This allows us to monitor every step in the production process, ensuring a higher quality product than others in the industry. Yet, first-rate artificial turf is not all we offer! Our team also provides a streamlined sales process as well as speedy shipping. We supply our turf to property owners, installers, contractors, landscapers, and more. Ultimately, this makes us a preferred provider of synthetic turf products in Houston, TX!

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Wholesale artificial grass is available for residential, commercial, and other properties in Houston, TX from us at Synthetic Turf Resources. Our American-made synthetic grass is made from high-quality materials and specially designed to provide Houston lawns, landscapes, and putting greens with multiple benefits, including beauty, durability, water conservation, and little maintenance. So if you need landscaping turf, pet grass, playground turf, or another surfacing solution, contact us today for more information! We are happy to offer you a free artificial turf quote!

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