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Vertically Integrated U.S. Manufacturing Facility

When you’re putting your name on any product, the quality is going to directly reflect on your brand. The long term success of any company selling a product starts with the quality. STR stands out as the only vertically integrated synthetic turf manufacturer in North America. Every step of the manufacturing process is carried out under one U.S. based roof. The stabilization and longevity of synthetic turf are determined by every step of the manufacturing process. 

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Our Manufacturing process


STR Masterbatch Creation

The masterbatch is the secret sauce that creates quality yarn. During the masterbatch process, we carry out pigment blending to ensure accurate color, add UV stabilizers, and can add anti-static and anti-microbial properties depending on the end product.

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3rd party lab verification ensures every masterbatch is stable and to spec.

Making the masterbatch in-house guarantees:

  • Color Consistency
  • UV Stabilization
  • Anti-Static Performance
  • Anti-Microbial Effectiveness
  • Faster Turnaround for Custom Colors
  • Cost-Efficient Products – No Price Markup from 3rd Party Suppliers

Other companies that outsource their masterbatch are removed from the process and can’t guarantee all the proper steps were followed for a quality masterbatch. Two to three years down the road, a customer may notice issues with their grass if the masterbatch wasn’t formulated to spec.

Step 2

Yarn Extrusion

After the masterbatch is created, the next step in the STR manufacturing process is the yarn extrusion. In this step, we blend the masterbatch with raw resin to create three different types of filaments depending on the product – slit fiber, straight mono fiber, or texturized mono fiber. The fiber type will depend on the use of the product.

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During our in-house yarn extrusion process we focus on:

  • Tensile Strength
  • Elasticity – the ability of the yarn to “spring back” and not lay down after being walked on
  • Consistency/replicability – Any yarn package we make has its physical properties (denier, fiber thickness, texturization level, and color) checked and archived so that we can make it next month, or 10 years from now
  • Safety Testing – Cam 17 and EN 71-3 testing verify products are free of metals and safe


Tufting Department

Once the yarn extrusion is completed, it’s taken to our in-house tufting department and threaded on our creel racks. The tufting process can create 3 different gauges of turf. Tufting is where a lot of the customization comes into play. By combining different yarn packages, pile heights, and gauges we have developed a product lineup that delivers a HUGE array of possibilities to our customers.

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  • ½” Gauge – For more casual use applications like decorative landscaping
  • 3/8” Gauge – For applications that require more durability like backyards and play areas
  • 3/16” Gauge – For performance-driven products like cross-fit and sports field applications.

Step 4

Coating & Finishing

The final step in manufacturing STR synthetic turf is the coating process. Coating applications can be applied at 20oz or 26oz per sq. yard depending on the product. Unlike other manufacturers, we formulate our own polyurethane coating in house. 

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Formulating the final coating in-house allows us to guarantee:

  • Consistency
  • Viscosity
  • Application Rate
  • Elasticity – The coating has to be pliant enough so that the turf can be handled without the coating cracking

Using a correctly formulated coating ensures the face fibers are locked in place so they won’t easily come out and helps with dimensional stability by mitigating heat expansion.

Finally, each product goes through two quality control inspectors that check for color and yarn consistency before they are rolled up, wrapped, and shipped.


Performance & QC lab

The Performance Laboratory at STR is where the R & D work happens including physical analysis, performance testing, and chemical analysis. Our QC lab is a consolidated department that is independent for the manufacturing departments that monitors every step of our various processes.

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  • Performance Lab Testing – We partner with independent labs for testing outside our capabilities (FIFA certifications, Heavy Metal testing, and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), etc.) as needed, but our internal lab offers us a huge boost to develop new technologies and apply those to our products.
  • QC Lab Testing – Multiple checks are made every shift from each of our manufacturing departments to ensure that every component, and product meets the specifications needed.

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