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Synthetic Turf Made In USA

If you are a home builder, artificial grass wholesaler, turf reseller, landscaper, or any other kind of landscape contractor, you have a unique opportunity to add the highest quality synthetic grass to your inventory. Our technologically advanced artificial turf is unlike any other product available on the market. It provides many unique features that offer several more benefits than competing brands and natural grass.

Quality Artificial Turf

Supplies for Synthetic Turf Installation

With over 40 years of research and development, Synthetic Turf Resources has been able to innovate many technologies and develop numerous performance measurements to guarantee superior quality.

Some features include:

  • Realistic texture and feel
  • Color consistency; keeping turf uniform and vibrant for years
  • Weather resistance
  • UV protection
  • Yarn elasticity to maintain grass height and fullness
  • Anti-microbial effectiveness
  • Softer, locked in place grass fibers
  • Anti-static protection
  • FIFA and ISO 9001 certifications
  • Safety and quality control testing
  • Enhanced performance testing

    #1 Synthetic Grass

    State-Of-The-Art Artificial Grass

    Synthetic Turf Resources is the leading manufacturer of artificial grass for contractor supply because we guarantee quality at every stage of development. Our entire collection of artificial turf is vertically integrated in our U.S. manufacturing facility providing us with direct oversight of the manufacturing process. In fact, STR is the only vertically integrated manufacturer of artificial grass in North America. As a result, we are able to continuously innovate new technologies to ensure that our products truly are the best.

    As our technology continues to evolve and consumers continue to trend towards convenience and affordability, the demand for synthetic turf is going to continue to grow exponentially. Wholesale turf grass from Synthetic Turf Resources is the ideal choice for consumers because it saves them time and money on maintenance, looks amazing year-round, and provides numerous other technological benefits that far outweigh those of competing brands.

      Synthetic Turf For Home and Business

      Wholesale Artficial Grass

      When you partner with Synthetic Turf Resources, you are able to white label our premier artificial grass collection with your brand name. You will also be provided with access to an always in stock inventory that can be used for dozens of unique applications. Some include:

      To schedule a discovery meeting with one of our in-house account managers, contact us at (706) 277-1012. Together we can give you the upper hand in your market and provide your customers with superior artificial lawns and synthetic turf installations.

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      Ready to Standout in the Synthetic Grass Industry?

      When you choose STR you’re choosing proven quality results and over 40 years of manufacturing innovation. With a commitment to the latest technology, techniques, and manufacturing control we proudly stand by every STR product we make. Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our in-house account managers and find out how we can help you standout with your synthetic turf business.

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