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Synthetic Turf Resources has delivered wholesale artificial grass in Florida for decades. This includes major cities such as Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and more.

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Synthetic Turf Made In USA

If you’re a reseller, landscaper, contractor, or any other business that sells artificial turf, we provide you with the product you need to wow your clients. 

Need to sell the turf under your name? No problem. We allow you to white-label the product and sell it under your unique brand name. This boosts your business reputation and sales.

Synthetic Turf Resources is a renowned artificial grass supplier with a stellar reputation. We manufacture our turf in the USA using vertical integration technology. This, and that we never outsource our components, lets us have total control over product quality. Further, our highly streamlined sales process allows customers to enjoy rapid shipments, superior customer service, and simplified ordering. It also allows us to extend significant savings to resellers, so their customers enjoy high quality artificial grass at affordable prices.

That’s why schools, playgrounds, universities, local governments, businesses, and even homeowners look for expert turf installers such as contractors and landscapers. These contractors fueled demand for wholesale artificial grass suppliers like Synthetic Turf Resources. Early on in our over forty years in the industry, STR distinguished itself as one of the leading suppliers of wholesale artificial grass.

How We Assist Our Resellers, Contractors, and Landscapers

Among the many things that set Synthetic Turf Resources apart is our outstanding customer support. In order to make the whole process as hassle-free as possible, we’ve created tools to assist our resellers, contractors, and landscapers in excelling at what they do. When you sign up with us, we assign you a dedicated account manager who promptly responds to any synthetic turf-related or general inquiries you have—no more long response times. 

Additionally, we’ve simplified the ordering process. If you have any questions or are ready to order, simply contact your account manager with the items you’re purchasing, and the account manager quickly processes them.

Additionally, we provide you with product samples that you can touch and inspect before making a purchase. This is important when combined with white-labeling as it ensures you get exactly what you ordered. All of these streamlined processes help our resellers, contractors, and landscapers boost their business.

Applications For Our Artificial Turf

Turf Lawns for Residential Use

There has been a remarkable increase in the use of residential artificial grass in Florida due to its numerous benefits. Your clients will no longer have to be worrying about watering their yard or accruing astronomical water bills. The turf remains perpetually green and luxurious regardless of the season since it never succumbs to heat, water shortages, pests, fungi, or foot traffic. Once you’ve installed our turf, your clients will find that the upkeep is a breeze since the grass does not require mowing, watering, or chemical application.

Commercial Synthetic Turf

Businesses also benefit tremendously from our commercial artificial turf. For starters, installing artificial grass eliminates the need for costly landscaping contracts. It also ensures the turf always remains visually appealing to both customers and employees. In addition, the grass never turns brown due to excessive heat, and there is no ongoing maintenance. As a result, business owners can devote more time to building their businesses.

Synthetic Turf For Pets And Dogs

Pet owners love our synthetic grass. We construct the turf using material that keeps the surface cool during hot Florida summers. As a result, pets can play on it at any time without the risk of getting their paws scorched. Our pet and dog turf is also highly durable. Owners never have to worry about their dog digging through it. It’s also resistant to wear and tear and is easy to clean.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Installing artificial grass is highly popular at playgrounds because we construct the turf with safety in mind. Its multi-layered padding absorbs impact, thus cushioning kids against injuries during playtime. Additionally, it is made to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that its quality does not deteriorate over time.

Putting Greens Turf

As a sport, golf demands perfection when it comes to surfaces. Our synthetic golf greens and artificial putting greens provide consistency in play for many years to come. In comparison, natural grass requires round-the-clock monitoring, watering, mowing, seeding, weeding, and even extensive use of chemicals to remain pristine. 

Even then, there is no guarantee it won’t get damaged by the summer heat, foot and golf cart traffic, and golf clubs. This damage ruins the surface of natural grass and interferes with the overall golfing experience. Our artificial putting greens are incredibly resilient to wear and tear. It easily handles high levels of foot activity, including repeated swings of golf clubs. The turf also remains uniform regardless of season or intensity of use. When it rains, synthetic putting green grass drains rapidly. This means your customers can use it immediately after a downpour without the need to wait for it to dry.

Roof, Patio, And Deck

Our roof, patio, and deck grass offers several advantages. First, it is highly resistant to the color-altering effects of UV radiation from the sun. This is important because if the turf is located on the rooftop, it receives more exposure to the sun’s UV rays. It’s also highly resistant to damage from liquid spills and remains immaculate all year long regardless of use or weather exposure.

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