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As a vertically integrated artificial grass manufacturer, Synthetic Turf Resources supplies top-quality, wholesale artificial grass for projects in San Jose, CA. 

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American-Made Wholesale Artificial Turf

Our many stellar synthetic turf products are ideal for various applications and installations on residential, commercial, and municipal properties. They provide San Jose, CA properties with consistently green, durable surfaces that require little maintenance. They also help conserve water! Read on to find out more about ordering synthetic grass or forming a partnership with our team today!

At Synthetic Turf Resources, each of our artificial turf products is manufactured in our vertically integrated facility here in the United States. This gives us complete control over every aspect of the production process, ensuring a higher quality product than foreign and several other domestic synthetic grass products.

It also allows us to perform a number of quality control tests, which also ensures our customers will receive a first-rate product. Ultimately, we have over 40 years of experience in designing and producing artificial grass, imbuing our products with several cost-saving benefits.

Benefits of Our Affordable Synthetic Grass

Wholesale synthetic turf products from us at Synthetic Turf Resources provide installers as well as property owners in San Jose, CA with multiple benefits, including:

  • Consistent visual appeal
  • Lush, green beauty
  • Enhanced durability
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Weather resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • No trimming
  • Helps conserve water
  • Does not produce grass allergens

By switching your lawn or landscape to artificial turf from Synthetic Turf Resources, property owners can experience grass surfaces that always look their best, resist multiple kinds of weathering, and require little upkeep. This allows them to beautify their home, business, or other type of property while saving money on maintenance over time.

White-Labeled Artificial Grass to Support Installers

Unlike other artificial turf suppliers, at Synthetic Turf Resources, all of our synthetic grass products are white-labeled. In doing so, we can better support the installers who equip our artificial grass to properties in San Jose, CA. This is because a white label enables landscapers, contractors, and other installers to attach their own branding to our synthetic turf products. As a result, your San Jose turf installation business can be associated with our industry-leading artificial turf, which can not only impress your customers but attract future customers as well! So work with us for top-quality synthetic grass labeled as your own exceptional product.

Gain Access to Our Turf Expertise & High Volume Inventory

At Synthetic Turf Resources, our white-labeled synthetic turf is not the only advantage we offer artificial grass installers in San Jose, California. By partnering with us, we provide installers in the area with a dedicated account manager, who can provide you with quicker communication. This makes answering questions about our synthetic turf and ordering artificial grass for your projects simple! It also gives you and your businesses access to our high-volume inventory, which is almost always fully stocked with our many different synthetic grass and artificial turf products for lawns, landscapes, parks, playgrounds, putting greens, and more.

Our Selection of Wholesale Synthetic Turf in San Jose, CA 

As an experienced artificial grass manufacturer, Synthetic Turf Resources offers installers and others in San Jose, CA a variety of wholesale synthetic turf products. Some of our many options for lawns, landscapes, and more include the following: 

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer several different options for surfacing indoor and outdoor areas – even for specific purposes like golf and playgrounds. As such, we can help your installation business provide superior surfaces to homes, businesses, schools, parks, and more in San Jose, California! 

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Wholesale artificial grass and other synthetic turf products are available in San Jose, CA from the team at Synthetic Turf Resources. Our American-made products provide constant beauty without requiring high levels of maintenance. This makes them perfect for various properties in the area. Plus, by teaming up with us, installers, and more in San Jose, CA gain access to our expertise and the ability to add their branding to our artificial turf. 

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