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If you are a synthetic turf and artificial grass wholesaler, reseller, landscaper, homebuilder, or any other kind of landscape contractor, you have the unique opportunity to include high-quality artificial pet turf from Synthetic Turf Resources in your inventory. With over 40 years of research and development, our team has been able to design a pet turf unlike anything else available on the market. Our exclusive collection of synthetic pet turf provides numerous unique features that can help create the perfect outdoor space for dog owners and their beloved canines.

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Benefits of Our Synthetic Pet Grass

At Synthetic Turf Resources, our exceptional synthetic pet grass is packed with unique features. These features can provide several considerable benefits to both pet owners and their furry friends. Some of the many benefits of utilizing our artificial pet turf include:

  • Easy to clean surface
  • Stain and odor resistant; no yellow spots or pet urine smell
  • Superior drainage to keep surfaces dry and mud-free
  • Realistic look, texture, and feel
  • Weather resistance and UV protection; keeping paws cool on hot days
  • Soft, locked-in grass fibers to prevent turf shedding
  • Yarn elasticity to maintain grass blade height and fullness
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness
  • Anti-static protection
  • Safety and quality control testing
  • Performance testing and more

With our stunningly green and easy-to-clean synthetic pet turf, you and your pets can enjoy spending time outdoors with fewer worries about how clean the surface is or if your dog is going to dig through it and drag mud into your house. For pet businesses and dog parks, you can also benefit from our pet turf by having cleaner surfaces that will hold up to dogs of all shapes and sizes.



Over the years, we at Synthetic Turf Resources have seen numerous applications of our highly rated pet turf. Some of those applications include pet-friendly lawns for homes and businesses, backyard dog runs, dog kennel turf, dog park turf, patio grass for dogs, and so many more. Our fake pet grass is ideal for dog owners because it keeps cool in the summer, does not stain like natural grass, is extremely easy to clean, and saves owners time and money on maintenance. So let your imagination run wild and utilize our quality, pet-friendly surfacing where you need it!


Why Order Pet Grass from Synthetic Turf Resources?

When you partner with Synthetic Turf Resources, you gain access to some of the best American-made turf on the market. If your company installs artificial grass, you can add your branding to our exclusive collection of white-labeled synthetic turf products, including our popular artificial pet turf. However, if you are a homeowner curious about installing artificial grass yourself, then you are in luck! Our artificial pet turf is ideal for do-it-yourself (DIY) installations! Ultimately, by choosing to work with us at Synthetic Turf Resources, our customers receive access to our always-in-stock inventory of premium synthetic grass products, which are made right here in the United States of America and ready for your projects.



Artificial pet and dog grass from Synthetic Turf Resources is an ideal surfacing material for pet-friendly backyards, dog parks, doggy daycares, and so much more. Our high-quality pet turf is soft and inviting for pets to enjoy. Yet, they are not the only ones who benefit from it! Pet owners also often appreciate how easy it is to clean and how durable it is against wear and tear. So if you are considering ordering some of the best synthetic pet grass available in the United States, then contact us at Synthetic Turf Resources today to learn more or receive a quote! 

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