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A playground turf that offers enhanced safety features, durability, UV resistance and more.

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Synthetic Turf Made In USA

Synthetic Turf Resources is the only vertically integrated artificial grass manufacturer of wholesale turf and playground grass in all of North America. All of our exclusive synthetic turf and artificial grass products are manufactured in our US-based facility. This allows us to have 100% manufacturing control and oversight. Not only does this help us to ensure dependable quality at every stage of the manufacturing process, but it also provides us with the unique opportunity to implement the newest methods and technologies for artificial turf and synthetic grass production and testing. As a result, we supply our customers with some of the highest quality playground turf available.

Quality Artificial Turf

Synthetic Turf DIY Installation

In combination with over 40 years of research and development, Synthetic Turf Resources is proud of the superior technological advantages that our playground-safe artificial turf has to offer. Some of the many advantages of utilizing our artificial playground turf for your residential, commercial, or public playground include:

  • Soft, non-abrasive polyethylene grass blades
  • Locked-in place grass fibers that ensure durability and prevent shedding
  • Yarn elasticity to promote grass “spring back” rather than having the grass blades lay down when they are walked on
  • UV protection and weather resistance
  • Enhanced drainage to keep surfaces dry and safe to play on
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness and anti-static protection
  • Free of harmful metals and chemicals
  • Diligent safety and quality control testing
  • FIFA and ISO 9001 certifications
  • Performance testing and more

    #1 Synthetic Grass

    State-Of-The-Art Artificial Grass

    Safe playground flooring is essential for any park, school, home playground or dedicated play area. That is why we at Synthetic Turf Resources designed a state-of-the-art playground-safe synthetic grass. We wanted to provide a safe and durable product that looks and feels great for years to come – even with extensive use. At Synthetic Turf Resources, each of our turf products undergo scrutinous safety, performance, and quality control tests to ensure that they are the safest and highest quality possible.

    If you are a playground construction company, artificial grass wholesaler, reseller, or landscape contractor, Synthetic Turf Resources provides superior quality, white label artificial turf that your business can brand name and utilize in your projects. By working with us, your business will be provided with an always in stock inventory of some of the finest quality synthetic turf products available on the market. Once you enrich your inventory with the safer playground artificial turf from us, you will be able to provide your commercial and residential customers with one of the best products on the market, which can help impress them and potentially generate more business.

    Synthetic Turf For Home and Business

    Playground Turf Artificial Grass

    At Synthetic Turf Resources, our advantageous, wholesale artificial playground turf is incredibly safe for children to play on. Therefore, our safer surfacing is ideal for numerous settings and properties, including:

    • Schools
    • Daycares
    • Public Parks
    • Homes
    • Commercial Businesses with Children’s Play Areas
    • And more!

    If your property has a space dedicated for children to play, then it is a space that can benefit from utilizing our high-quality artificial playground turf. Our turf helps cushion falls, resists bacterial growth, and withstands multiple kinds of wear and tear, including high foot traffic and the Sun’s UV rays. As a result, it is a cost-effective investment for homes, businesses, parks, and so on.

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    At Synthetic Turf Resources, we supply contractors, landscapers, DIY enthusiasts, and others with the artificial turf they need to complete their indoor or outdoor projects, including with our high-quality playground turf. Unlike other playground surfacing materials, our innovative and tested synthetic playground grass provides homes, businesses, parks, and more with a safer, more durable surface that children can enjoy playing on for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our playground turf or to get a quote!

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