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At Synthetic Turf Resources, we supply wholesale artificial turf to various synthetic grass businesses as well as turf installers in Tampa, FL. Our array of high-quality, American-made artificial grass and synthetic turf products is ideal for crafting attractive, low-maintenance grass surfaces.



These surfaces can blend in and complement the styles of homes, businesses, and more all across Tampa, FL. So discover more about all our team has to offer as your wholesale artificial grass supplier.

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Why Choose Synthetic Turf Resources for Wholesale Synthetic Grass?

For landscapers, contractors, wholesalers, and more in Tampa, FL, there is no shortage of reasons why you should partner with our team as your artificial turf supplier. At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer forty years of experience in manufacturing and supplying top-quality synthetic grass products. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer, so we have oversight and quality control throughout the process, allowing us to deliver an exceptional product. Our team also works closely with you to identify the right product for your project and has it shipped quickly – usually within 48 hours. This way, you can get high-quality synthetic turf when you need it!

Our Selection of Wholesale Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf Products

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer several types of wholesale artificial turf for landscapers, contractors, and other synthetic grass installers operating in Tampa, FL. A few of our many affordable options include:

With these stellar synthetic surfacing products, your team can create a variety of installations in the Tampa area, including pet-friendly lawns, playgrounds, commercial landscaping, artificial putting greens, and more!

Why Your Customers Will Appreciate Our Artificial Turf 

Artificial grass is quickly becoming a highly sought-after surfacing material, especially in Tampa, FL. At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer top-quality synthetic turf products at wholesale prices, which helps your business thrive. Yet, this is not the only way our affordable artificial turf products can help your business thrive; they can also aid in your success by being first-rate surfacing products your customers will appreciate. This is ultimately due to the many benefits of our synthetic grass, which include the following:


When compared to traditional grass lawns and landscaping, our synthetic alternative requires far less maintenance. It never needs to be watered by a hose or sprinkler system, and it also never needs to be trimmed with a mower and other pieces of lawn care equipment. By eliminating these two upkeep needs and more, it is a much easier surface to own and maintain, making it much more ideal.


Whether it receives regular maintenance or not, conventional grass surfaces are often highly unreliable. Despite a home or business owner’s best efforts, their traditional turf lawn or landscaping can easily be affected by wear and tear, inclement weather, and other factors beyond their control. Thankfully, this will not be the case with our durable artificial grass! Our turf is designed for years of use – while facing several forms of wear and tear – in order to make it the long-lasting surfacing your clients in Tampa, FL will appreciate.

Visually Appealing

Last but certainly not least, our various synthetic grass products are all visually appealing. At Synthetic Turf Resource, we understand the need for grass surfaces to provide lush, green appeal. This is why our artificial turf has been designed and manufactured to look highly realistic. In doing so, it can provide your projects and clients in Tampa with the perfectly manicured and green lawn, landscaping, or putting green they have been dreaming about.

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The team from Synthetic Turf Resources offers wholesale artificial turf to contractors, landscapers, and more in Tampa, FL. We have numerous American-made synthetic grass products to choose from, which can offer your clients in the area several significant benefits. Contact us today to schedule a discovery meeting to learn more about working with us as your artificial turf supplier!

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