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Are you interested in providing the highest quality residential artificial grass lawns to your clients? Whether you’re a landscaping contractor, landlord, architect, house flipper, home builder, or anyone needing an inexpensive artificial turf solution that happens to be of great quality. Synthetic Turf Resources have what you are looking for. 

There are many reasons why to choose us as your artificial grass supplier and why our synthetic turf is such high quality. From its texture, to its durability, to the way it looks, it is clear why our synthetic turf is so widely used. From a company that makes everything in the USA, to our decades of experience, to our willingness to white label products, it is clear why we are an artificial grass industry leader. Learn more about our company and our top tier artificial turf products.

the benefits of using our wholesale artificial grass

Your clients will receive a wide array of benefits from you installing our artificial grass for them. These benefits include:

artificial grass with the ability to quickly drain water

This benefit is especially useful if your homeowner client lives in a very rainy area. A large amount of rainfall can quickly overwhelm a traditional lawn turning it into an unkempt mess complete with mud and standing puddles of water – this is not the case with our synthetic grass lawn solutions. Our artificial lawn solutions drains quickly and doesn’t allow for water to accumulate and cause issues.

It has a beautifying impact on any home

Whoever you install our grass for will love the look of it. Their residential artificial lawn will always look green and beautiful, just like a perfectly healthy regular grass lawn. Anyone will be impressed by the look of it, from their family members and friends to any visitors they have over. And because our turf is built for durability and to drain water fast, it maintains its look for many years. In fact, once your homeowner client gets our artificial grass installed, it is projected to last around 10-15 years. So, they can enjoy spending time on it and having lawn parties on it as much as they want, without worrying about wear-and-tear.

And to really level up your clients outdoor space, artificial grass is a terrific choice for low maintenance putting greens, golf tee lines and more.

it is a cinch to maintain and take care of

A great selling point of our synthetic grass to any residential clients of yours is how easy it is to maintain. With our turf, once it is installed, there is very little effort that goes into its upkeep. It never needs to be watered and it doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals like fertilizers. Cleaning it is simple. Pretty much all the effort, time, and money that goes into taking care of a regular lawn can be put towards something else once our wholesale artificial grass lawn is installed

built to be family friendly

The wholesale artificial grass lawns we sell to you are built to be non-toxic and safe. Given that they are built to last, tripping hazards like holes won’t form in it. Also, harmful insects like ticks and fleas won’t be attracted to our synthetic grass, since it is not their natural living habitat. This means significantly less exposure to potentially dangerous bugs. Our turf is also an excellent playground surface. It’s built to be shock-absorbant, so if children fall on it, they’ll be better protected. In addition, our synthetic turf is constructed to be antimicrobial, meaning that harmful germs won’t build up on it.

Our artificial turf is also very pet friendly, and the perfect product for dogs of all sizes.

why use synthetic turf resources as your artificial grass supplier?

With our experience of having been in the artificial turf industry for over 40 years, we are quite familiar with the ins and outs of it. Not only have we been in this industry for so long, but we also control the entire manufacturing process of our artificial grass lawn solutions from beginning to end—allowing us fantastic control over our product to ensure the highest quality. We also make all of our turf right here in America, so you’ll be supporting American workers by doing business with us.

Apart from our experience in the industry and high quality synthetic turf products, we also offer white label opportunities of our wholesale synthetic grass. Essentially, this means that we remove our logo and branding from our turf and allow you to customize it with your own branding and logo as you wish. In this way, your clients will associate you with an extremely high quality product and perhaps be more likely to do repeat business with you or spread positive word of mouth to people they know. 

At Synthetic Turf Resources, our inventory is always stocked with the best products on the market for you. With us being your turf supplier, you won’t have to worry about quality, as we take care of that. The cost of artificial grass from us is affordable too, so you won’t break the bank doing business with us.

Simply call us or contact us here and schedule a discovery meeting with one of our in-house account managers. We will be glad to answer any questions you have and assist you with our expertise in finding the right residential artificial grass lawn solutions for you and for your clients. We look forward to working with you!