Wholesale Artificial Grass in New York

Synthetic Turf Resources (STR) is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale artificial grass in New York and the surrounding areas. For decades, both residential and commercial customers have relied on STR for high-quality synthetic turf for a myriad of applications.

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These applications range from residential and commercial lawns to playgrounds, pet turf, golf putting greens, and more. We are a reputable supplier of synthetic turf for landscaping contractors and wholesalers.

When you work with us at Synthetic Turf Resources, you can expect fast shipping, outstanding customer service, and a straightforward buying experience. We also offer artificial turf at a far cheaper price point than our competitors due to our vertically integrated manufacturing.

Artificial Grass for Contractors and Wholesalers

At STR, we are quite proud of the level of service we deliver to our contractors and wholesalers. When you work with us, one of our knowledgeable, in-house account managers will help find the perfect turf for your project.

We take pride in our artificial grass solutions, so you can be confident that what you receive is exactly what you ordered. At Synthetic Turf Resources, we are committed to ensuring that our products are manufactured to high standards of quality for our wholesale customers in New York.

Applications of Our Wholesale Artificial Grass

Residential Lawns

Despite its widespread reputation as an ultra-urban city with few green spaces, wholesale artificial grass for residential lawns is on the upward trend in areas all over New York. After installation, New York residents will never again have to worry about their grass dying and turning brown. They also never have to worry about paying a lot of money to constantly water their natural grass lawn. With an artificial grass lawn, maintenance is relatively low. Our quality synthetic turf does not require mowing, watering, tending, or chemical treatment. As a result, New Yorkers can spend more time with their family, save money, and enjoy a consistently green lawn.

Commercial Lawns

There are many reasons businesses choose wholesale commercial artificial turf. One is that customers and passers-by find commercial artificial grass eye-catching. It affords an excellent first impression to both employees and potential customers. Another reason commercial businesses are switching to synthetic turf is the elimination of costly landscaping contracts. And, because their artificial lawn is low-maintenance, commercial businesses can devote more time to focusing on their company.

Pet & Dog Turf

New Yorkers are not the only ones who love our wholesale synthetic grass. Their pets love our artificial turf too! This is no surprise: our artificial pet & dog turf is soft to the touch yet highly durable. With it, homeowners do not have to worry about their pets tunneling through their lawn and escaping the yard. 

Our pet turf is also stain and odor-resistant and easy to maintain. And thanks to its superior heat dissipation qualities, our synthetic grass resists overheating during the summer months. This means that your furry friends can play safely outside all summer with a lower risk of their paws getting scorched.

Playground Turf

When kids are playing, safety is of the utmost importance. Our wholesale artificial playground grass is designed to be secure and provides children with extra padding to help prevent potentially serious injuries should they fall on it. Additionally, our synthetic playground turf is built to withstand wear and tear over time, so its safety features will continue to hold up.

Golf Putting Green Turf

Wholesale artificial grass is not just for looks, pets, and kids. Golf-enthusiasts also find our synthetic turf highly enjoyable for artificial grass putting greens. Our high-quality synthetic putting green grass is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and repeated strokes from golf clubs while maintaining its overall integrity. Even better, our synthetic putting green turf matches professional golf course turf in playability, appearance and feel. It provides increased stability, which includes less wobbling of the ball.

Patio, Rooftop, & Deck

Due to space constraints in urban areas like New York City, wholesale artificial grass from Synthetic Turf Resources has led the way in reclaiming rooftops, decks, and patios as functional outdoor spaces. In both residential and commercial buildings, artificial grass is one of the most innovative ways to transform a space and provide it with much-needed greenery. 

Our synthetic turf can withstand the sun’s UV rays without losing its attractive green tint. Plus, it endures foot traffic and spills, making it ideal for any patio, roof, or deck in New York City or any other New York state area.

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For years, Synthetic Turf Resources has been a trusted supplier of wholesale artificial grass in areas across New York. Our team is looking forward to providing you or your business with high-quality, durable, and low-maintenance wholesale synthetic turf. Contact us today to place an order or learn more about what our artificial grass can do for your home or office in New York and the surrounding regions!

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