Wholesale Artificial Grass for Las Vegas Nevada

For over 40 years, we at Synthetic Turf Resources have continued to create high quality artificial grass wholesale for contractors, landscapers, and all sorts of other business owners in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.

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How we Provide high quality wholesale artificial grass

A major advantage of buying synthetic turf from us is that we have vertically integrated manufacturing and don’t outsource anything, giving us greater control over our product. In other words, you can expect superior quality artificial turf.

Besides giving you a fantastic product you can white label and sell under your brand name, we provide you with streamlined ordering, fast shipping, and phenomenal customer service. In addition, since we produce the turf in our factory, we can offer lower supply costs for artificial grass and offer you inexpensive artificial turf that is of premium quality.

Quality Artificial Turf

How We Support Installers Like You

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we provide numerous benefits to artificial turf installers in Los Vegas, NV. When you work with us, you get personalized service from day one. In addition, we link you up with your own personal account manager, who answers any questions you have quickly and in real-time. 

Additionally, we streamline our ordering process to make it as easy as possible. All you do is email your account manager with the order, and we quickly process it. Once it’s processed, we ship it to you pronto. 

Due to being vertically integrated into our manufacturing and having full control over our product’s quality, we know the artificial grass you order meets your specifications. In addition, we do our best to maintain our inventory of stock for our grass turf rolls. Finally, as artificial grass suppliers, we allow you to white label all turf you purchase from us to boost your own business and branding.

The Different Applications You Can Use Our Artificial Turf For

Residential Turf Lawns

Residential turf lawns are sure to please homeowners living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our turf is a pleasure to look at and is highly durable and simple to take care of. Homeowners never have to concern themselves with their grass turning brown and brittle, as our turf is made to be both robust and resistant to the color changing effects of UV rays. In other words, they will always have a lush, green, and easy to maintain lawn right outside their house.

Commercial Artificial Turf

Businesses appreciate commercial artificial turf from us for how eye-catching and lovely it is to look at. Besides helping draw the eyes of potential customers, our commercial turf also never needs watering, fertilizing, seeding, or mowing. Due to its low maintenance, it easily saves business owners money as well as time. This also means they will no longer need expensive landscaping contracts to have their lawn mowed.

Pet & Dog Turf

Our pet and dog turf is great for both dogs and their owners. One major advantage is during the hottest days in Las Vegas, NV, and the pet turf is cooler with its heat dispersing technology, which prevents dogs from burning their paws. Also, pet and dog turf from us is hypoallergenic, odor resistant, and resists wear-and-tear from pets trying to dig into it. Finally, since the turf is so robust, it also functions as a security feature, as dogs won’t be able to dig underneath it to escape a yard.

Playground Turf

The playground turf we make comes with extra padding, so anyone playing on it is better protected. The strength also enables it to resist wear and tear from people walking on it and playing on it all day. 

Putting Green Turf

Putting green turf produced by us looks and feels like golf grass used at PGA tours by the pros. Additionally, golf turf from us never needs mowing or watering, so it is quite easy for owners to tend to. 

Roof, Patio, & Deck Turf

Our roof, patio, and deck turf is resistant to stains, odors, and the color changing effects of UV rays. This turf is a pleasure to not only look at but relax on as well.

How To Get Started With Us

To get started with us, reach out here to schedule a discovery meeting with an account manager so we can find out your needs and how our synthetic turf makes your business stand out from the competition. We have been artificial grass suppliersh2for over 40 years, and we are experts in our industry. So you can always count on us to provide you with both an amazing product and excellent customer service.

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