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At Synthetic Turf Resources, our turf experts offer various types of wholesale artificial grass products for planned communities. 

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As the population grows across the United States of America, more planned communities are being developed to provide housing and more. One of the challenges in creating these communities is finding ways to make them visually appealing, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective. Fortunately, our artificial grass offers a number of benefits over traditional grass, which can make it an ideal choice for planned communities in need of attractive, eco-friendly, and cost-effective surfaces.

What Is a Planned Community?

A planned community is an environment in which many aspects of the overall community are designed in a specific way in order to address the needs of a group of people. The goal of a planned community is to provide housing and address the needs of its future residents, providing them with a convenient space to live, work, and enjoy. 

Creating an ideal planned community is challenging and requires planners to take a multitude of factors into account, including what the surfaces around the community are made of. Because of this, it is important for planners to consider the best surfaces possible for the community. Fortunately, wholesale artificial grass from us at Synthetic Turf Resources can serve as an exceptional addition to planned communities because of the many benefits and ease that it provides.

Artificial Grass and the Environment

In many areas throughout the United States, the weather and changing seasons can wreak havoc on traditional grass lawns and landscaping. Inclement weather like rain and snow often destroy conventional grass surfaces, leaving little left behind. However, with our durable synthetic turf, your planned community can have grass surfaces that resist the wear and tear of elements from the local environment. This means even after a winter of heavy snowfall, there will be a beautiful patch of lush green grass ready for resident enjoyment as soon as the snow melts away. So if your community needs readily available surfaces, wholesale artificial turf from us at Synthetic Turf Resources is an incredible option!

Synthetic Grass Options From Synthetic Turf Resources

Wholesale artificial grass from us at Synthetic Turf Resources comes in several varieties. As such, our synthetic turf products can help address several different surfacing needs in a planned community. Our options include: 

These options and more can help create a variety of spaces in a community, providing residents with numerous settings for recreation.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Planned Communities

At Synthetic Turf Resources, our wholesale artificial turf offers advantages to help save time, money, and more for a planned community, including: 

  • No mowing. Our turf does not grow, so no one has to worry about mowing an artificial grass lawn every week. This gives residents more time to spend enjoying themselves.
  • No one will need to be hired to mow our lawns. Leaving extra money in the pockets of residents for more recreational activities.
  • When a planned community spends less on public spaces, the community’s budget can go to other things instead of the maintenance of grass in areas like parks, schools, and businesses.
  • Artificial grass does not need watering: This can help save water, and it can also help save money on water bills.
  • Our artificial grass stays green and lush, providing a consistent appearance.
  • Artificial turf is excellent for areas of recreation, including lawns, landscaping, parks, and more. Our artificial turf is designed for use, so residents can enjoy games without worrying about damaging the grass irreparably, making it a long-lasting surface.

Providing Your Planned Community With Artificial Landscaping

At Synthetic Turf Resources, our wholesale artificial grass for planned communities can make them better places to live and enjoy. This is because our synthetic grass is gorgeous and green, low-maintenance, durable, cost-effective, and weather-resistant. As such, it can provide ideal surfaces for lawns, landscaping, and more in a planned community.

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