Benefits of Artificial Turf for Landlords and Rental Properties

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According to recent research, there is an increase in demand for artificial turf for landlords and rental properties. Its low maintenance, durability, visual appeal, and eco-friendliness make it a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a good return on investment from a rental property. For the best residential artificial grass for rental properties, choose Synthetic Turf Resources (STR).

Synthetic Turf Resources

The market for artificial turf is more vibrant than ever before and STR has become a recognized name in the industry. Located in Dalton, GA, we have a track record of excellence that spans over 40 years. Today we have over 240 employees dedicated to nothing but total customer satisfaction. If you’re a reseller or synthetic turf contractor, and are looking for a reliable contractor supply, contact us.

Over the years our artificial turf technology has evolved significantly. Today, our turf features longer, more resilient fiber blades that provide better stability and functionality. It also looks and feels more realistic than ever before making it fun for both pets and humans.

Why Landlords Need Artificial Grass

Whether it’s for commercial or landscape supply, landlords are turning to artificial turf in droves. Below are a few reasons why this trend will only continue to grow:

Low Maintenance Qualities

It is a widely accepted fact that residences in residential neighborhoods are required by homeowners associations to keep their lawns in beautiful condition. This implies recurring landscaping contracts for many. Even if the landlord or tenants choose to maintain their lawns themselves, the chores involved are not minimal. They involve lawn mowing, watering, seeding, weeding, and even chemical additives. Not only are these tasks time-consuming, but they are also costly.

Installing artificial turf is the common-sense alternative for many landlords. The grass maintains its luxuriously green appeal regardless of usage, or season of the year.

Make Your Property Stand Out

Making money on rental properties is all about getting the right kind of tenants. Due to the high level of competition in the industry, landlords frequently struggle to differentiate their property from the other properties on the block. Installing artificial turf is one of the most effective ways to become competitive.

Artificial turf can significantly improve the visual look of any residential lawn. Furthermore, tenants who have children and/or pets will love the luxuriously soft features of the turfs, which provide safety for children as they play and help to keep pet odors at bay.

residential artificial lawn

Boost Rental Property Value

The ultimate purpose of owning and maintaining a rental property is to generate income. Property appreciation is the means through which this is accomplished in the real estate industry. This, in turn, leads to the accumulation of wealth. For this reason, landlords make modifications to the interior and exterior of the property to speed up the process of wealth accumulation.

When it comes to the exterior of a home, artificial turf is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of the property. The beautifully consistent color, sumptuous appearance, and durability of synthetic turf can increase the value of a home.

Excellent for Kids and Pets

Most tenants have both kids and pets. Nothing quite beats artificial turf when it comes to enhancing kids playgrounds and pets’ play areas. Our artificial turf is constructed using polypropylene components which provide a multi-layered surface that affords a safety cushion for kids during playtime.

For pets, dogs are generally known to dig holes in natural grass causing unsightly dips. Artificial grass for pets is made of ultra-durable fibers which make it hard for dogs to dig through. It also possesses excellent drainage qualities which work to eliminate pet odors.

Ready to Make the Transition?

If you own or manage a rental property and want to make the switch to artificial grass, get in contact with STR as soon as possible. Are you a reseller looking for high quality artificial turf supply? Our helpful customer service representatives are always on hand to ensure a seamless transaction. Being ISO certified ensures that our products and services are consistent in their quality, which in turn translates into numerous economic benefits for landlords.