Safer Playgrounds are Possible With Wholesale Artificial Playground Turf

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At Synthetic Turf Resources, our team helps create safer playgrounds with our incredible wholesale artificial playground turf. Many foundational memories for children happen on their school, home, or local park playground. Whether there are swings, games, monkey bars, or beloved jungle gyms, playgrounds are a critical place where lifelong friendships are often born.

Sadly, playgrounds are also a place where playground injuries can occur, particularly when a child falls off the monkey bars, if they slip while kicking a ball, or simply trip and fall. While many playgrounds have evolved and developed further safety measures, and play structures are designed with age limits in mind, one critical safety option has been frequently overlooked: the surfacing.

Thankfully, at Synthetic Turf Resources, our wholesale artificial playground grass provides a safer alternative for playgrounds at homes, schools, businesses, neighborhood parks, and anywhere else children may play. Our synthetic playground turf can replace the rocks, mulch, sand, and other surfacing materials commonly found on playgrounds and help create a much safer environment.

What is Artificial Playground Grass?

Artificial grass for playgrounds from Synthetic Turf Resources is a specialized synthetic turf that is constructed of fibers that resemble traditional grass. While artificial grass is popularly seen in several settings, like lawns and landscaping, it can be specially engineered for various uses, including for playgrounds. In doing so, it can help address certain needs and offer playground users and owners a number of benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Playground Turf?

Playgrounds are places for children to have fun. They can be found on various types of residential, municipal, and commercial properties. But no matter where they are and who owns them, playgrounds can be made safer and overall better thanks to the many benefits of our artificial playground turf, which includes:

Blue artificial grass sample from synthetic turf resources

Little Maintenance Needed

There are quite a few different benefits of ordering wholesale artificial playground grass from Synthetic Turf Resources. One benefit is that there is little upkeep needed for playground owners, so responsibilities for maintaining their surfacing are greatly decreased.

Yet, little upkeep does not mean zero upkeep. There are a few chores needed with our playground turf, but they are far less time consuming and expensive than those required for traditional grass or other common forms of playground surfacing. For example, rinsing our playground turf with water from a hose every so often can help loosen and remove any dust, leaves, and other residues. This helps keep your artificial playground grass cleaner and is not necessarily required but highly recommended.


At Synthetic Turf Resources, our wholesale synthetic playground turf also has an impressive lifespan. This is mainly due to its immense durability. Unlike other playground surfaces, our playground turf is designed and equipped to resist several forms of wear and tear, especially from high amounts of foot traffic. It can also resist depreciating factors from the weather, including instances of inclement weather.

Safer Surfacing

Perhaps the most notable benefit of our wholesale artificial grass for playgrounds is its increased safety, especially when compared to traditional playground surfaces. While there can be plenty of variation, most playgrounds utilize sand, wood chips, mulch, and traditional grass as their surfacing. However, these options are not ideal. Our synthetic playground turf is a safer alternative than all of these. This is because our playground turf provides an even surface while also offering a softer surface for children to play on. In doing so, our artificial playground grass helps reduce the likelihood and seriousness of potential surface-related injuries.

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Contact Our Team for More Information

With the advanced turf technology from Synthetic Turf Resources, our wholesale artificial playground turf is the way of the future for safer playgrounds. It is an ideal replacement for the many playground surfaces of old, including sand and mulch, due to how it comfortably cushions children if they slip or fall and gives them a consistent surface to enjoy. Contact us at Synthetic Turf Resources today to learn more about our synthetic playground grass and get a free quote!