How Landscapers Can Expand Their Services with Artificial Grass

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Friends & Family – 2022 End-of-Year Artificial Grass Sale

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we are preparing for 2023 by cleaning out our warehouse with our end-of-year artificial grass sale. This sale is the perfect opportunity for our friends and family to make the switch to our beautifying synthetic turf surfacing solutions....

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At Synthetic Turf Resources, our team of synthetic turf experts supplies a variety of artificial grass products to landscapers across the United States of America. With our high-quality, wholesale artificial turf, landscapers can expand their services by providing customers in their area with the synthetic grass lawns and landscape installations they desire. As a leading provider of artificial grass, the team from Synthetic Turf Resources presents this lucrative opportunity to you and your landscape contracting business.

The Popularity of Artificial Grass Across The U.S.

It is undeniable that artificial grass and synthetic turf are becoming more popular in the United States. Homes, businesses, parks, and more are switching to synthetic lawns, landscapes, and putting greens as a means to obtain beautiful, green surfaces that require little maintenance. You can see artificial turf in residential neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers, football fields, miniature golf facilities, and so many other places. And in many cases, it was installed by local landscape contractors who utilized a synthetic grass supplier like us at Synthetic Turf Resources. So why not expand your business and start installing artificial grass in your area?

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Landscapers & Their Customers

Wholesale, American-made artificial turf for landscapers from Synthetic Turf Resources provides you and your customers with multiple benefits. Three of the most beloved benefits of our many synthetic turf products include the following:

Year-Round Beauty

At Synthetic Turf Resources, our high-quality artificial grass products possess the ability to beautify the areas where they are utilized. This is because our synthetic grass is incredibly realistic, so it looks and feels like traditional grass. In addition, our artificial turf is far more consistent – since it never withers, turns brown, or dies off. As such, our remarkable synthetic turf products provide lush, green surfaces for homes, businesses, and more year-round!

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Little Upkeep

One of the top reasons why home and business owners in the U.S. are switching to synthetic grass is the little upkeep it needs. Unlike conventional grass surfaces, our artificial turf does not need to be watered by sprinklers, trimmed with a mower, or treated with any chemicals. Instead, our wholesale artificial grass looks perfectly trimmed, lush, and green throughout its long life. This ultimately provides consistent curb appeal and allows property owners to save money and time on their lawn maintenance.

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American-made synthetic grass from Synthetic Turf Resources is incredibly resilient. It resists numerous forms of wear and tear. Some examples of this include foot traffic, lawn activities and games, and elements from the weather like heat, rain, wind, and even snow. As a result, our artificial grass for landscaping, lawns, and more is ideal for landscape contractors to install on all kinds of properties.

Why Choose Synthetic Turf Resources for Artificial Grass Supply for Landscapers?

For landscapers operating anywhere in the United States, there are several reasons to choose our team as your artificial grass supplier. At Synthetic Turf Resources, we offer a high level of support to landscape contractors as well as general contractors. Our team can help advise which of our many synthetic turf products will work best for whatever project you are working on. We also ensure that any turf orders we receive from landscapers are shipped out in around 48 hours.

Another reason to partner with us is our incredible synthetic grass products. Each of our artificial turf products is manufactured here in our vertically integrated facility in the U.S. We monitor each step of the process to help ensure exceptional turf quality. We then offer our remarkable synthetic turf to landscapers at wholesale prices, delivering them quality surfacing at competitive prices. At Synthetic Turf Resources, we also offer a best-in-class warranty on our artificial grass products.

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Wholesale artificial grass for landscapers is available for order in the United States from Synthetic Turf Resources. Our high-quality, beautifying synthetic grass products are ideal for all types of properties in all kinds of climates. You can expand your business to in-demand artificial turf installations by partnering with us, so contact us today to learn more!