Artificial Turf Plays An Important Role in New California Law Banning Watering Lawns

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Start preparing your business or sub-division to adjust to new California water restrictions with artificial turf from Synthetic Turf Resources, the premier artificial grass manufacturer. After a disappointing and dry winter, California is currently experiencing a drought, so steps need to be taken to help ensure statewide water conservation. In May of this year, the California Water Resources Control Board passed a new program to enforce a 10-20% water reduction for the state.

But, how will this new program affect you as a homeowner, business owner, artificial grass installer, landscaper, contractor, developer, or architect? It depends on your relationship with natural grass, your property, and whether or not you have a natural grass lawn. Included in the newly approved water conservation program is a statewide ban on watering any ornamental lawns in common areas of subdivisions and on commercial properties.

For many in California, this ban is huge news, especially for artificial grass installers, contractors, landscapers, and more! There are thousands of properties across California with natural grass lawns that will be affected by this new program. However, many subdivisions and commercial businesses rely on ornamental lawns for their curb appeal and overall outdoor aesthetic, so they will not want their natural grass to die off and leave only dirt behind. That’s where Synthetic Turf Resources can help!

At Synthetic Turf Resources, we are a wholesale synthetic grass supplier. Our line of drought-friendly turf products can help subdivisions and businesses in California keep their attractive green spaces without a need for watering or constant maintenance. For installers, contractors, landscapers, and more, ordering wholesale artificial turf from Synthetic Turf Resources is an opportunity to impress your clients by providing them with economical and ecological solutions to changing water regulations.

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The team from Synthetic Turf Resources provides high-quality artificial turf and incredible support to numerous types of designers and installers, including:

Synthetic Turf Resources for Wholesale Artificial Turf

Don’t just go with any old synthetic grass supplier when you can choose Synthetic Turf Resources and benefit from our 40+ years of experience! We are an artificial grass manufacturer that has vertically integrated manufacturing, which means we have 100% control over every step of the process. Our high-quality turf products are made here in the United States of America in an ISO-certified facility with strict quality controls and advanced technologies.

With Synthetic Turf Resources, you will receive artificial turf products that look realistic and have long-lasting durability. We have incorporated a vast array of advanced technologies into our products that provide many benefits you and your clients do not want to miss out on. Our synthetic turf is non-toxic, requires zero watering, has anti-static and anti-microbial properties, and is quick-draining. This makes our artificial grass ideal for clients and customers that enjoy having low-maintenance landscaping that looks amazing all year long. So go with Synthetic Turf Resources as your artificial grass supplier.

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Other advantages of working with us include:

  • Fast shipping
  • Custom sample kits
  • Excellent customer service
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  • White-labeled products to incorporate your branding
  • Incredible warranty

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Artificial turf from Synthetic Turf Resources provides an optimal solution for subdivisions and commercial properties affected by California’s recent ban on watering ornamental lawns. Our synthetic grass offers consistent, green beauty without a need for watering. For artificial grass installers, such as contractors, landscapers, and more, our high-quality turf can help satisfy clients looking to make the switch after this recent statewide ban. Contact us today to learn more or get started with a quote on synthetic turf!