Sports Field Turf

Outperform your competition by offering our superior, highly advanced synthetic sports turf

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Sports Field Turf

Outperform your competition by offering our superior, highly advanced synthetic sports turf

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synthetic Turf Resources

Synthetic Turf Made In USA

Synthetic Turf Resources is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of synthetic sports turf and athletic fields. With over 40 years of research and development, STR has successfully innovated an artificial grass unlike any other on the market. Our exclusive collection provides numerous advantages that consistently outperform competing brands and natural grass.

Quality Artificial Turf

Synthetic Turf Installation

STR’s elite synthetic turf products are 100% vertically integrated in our U.S. manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality at every stage of development. With complete control and oversight of our entire manufacturing process, STR is able to consistently innovate using the latest technologies and methods. As a result, our synthetic sports turf is cutting edge, providing several technological features to any athletic field such as:

  • Softer, locked-in grass fibers
  • Realistic texture, feel, and performance,
  • UV protection
  • Weather resistance
  • Yarn elasticity for long term durability
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Consistent color year-round
  • FIFA certifications
  • Anti-static protection
  • Safety and quality control testing
  • Performance testing and more

    #1 Synthetic Grass

    State-Of-The-Art Artifical Grass

    If you are a sports field construction company, sports field equipment supplier, athletic field contractor, sports turf wholesaler, or athletic turf reseller, STR provides premium athletic field turf that you can white label with your own brand name. In addition, you gain access to an always in stock inventory of technologically advanced, wholesale synthetic grass made in the USA. Once you enhance your inventory with our exclusive product line, you will be able to provide your commercial and residential customers with state-of-the art athletic fields including:

    • Soccer field
    • Football field
    • Baseball field
    • Field Hockey turf
    • Rugby field
    • Archery Field
    • Track and field
    • Golf and putting greens
    • Sports park and more

    Synthetic Turf For Home and Business

    Sport Field Artficial Grass Installation

    The demand for artificial grass is growing exponentially. Not only does it save time and money on maintenance, but it offers enhanced durability to provide increased, long-term safety. At STR, our synthetic turf undergoes numerous performance and safety tests to ensure that our products meet and exceed safety standards to protect athletes while they do what they love. Schools, universities, athletic facilities, public parks and more, can all benefit from our safer, artificial grass sports fields.

    Whether its artificial football turf or outstanding customer service, Synthetic Turf Resources is a supplier you can trust to deliver the highest quality every time, that is our guarantee. To schedule a discovery meeting with one of our in-house account managers, contact us at (706) 277- 1012 and find out how we can help you outperform your competitors in the sports field construction industry.

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    Ready to Standout in the Synthetic Grass Industry?

    When you choose STR you’re choosing proven quality results and over 40 years of manufacturing innovation. With a commitment to the latest technology, techniques, and 100% manufacturing control we proudly stand by every STR product we make. Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our in-house account managers and find out how we can help you standout with your synthetic turf business.

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